About Us

Immediate Edge is the result of years of collaboration between a group of philanthropists that believe the importance of trading has been massively underplayed by society.

All of the members of this group have seen firsthand what trading could do for people, and they hated the fact that not more people were able to get involved. They didn't have the power to push for any education reform, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a trading platform dedicated to helping beginners get started.

The members of this group were all longstanding traders of some renown, meaning they had the means to fund the project themselves. What they didn't have, though, were the technical skills necessary to build a fully functional trading app.

So, naturally, they made a point of running a recruitment campaign.

Putting Together a Team

They put out a call looking for developers of all kinds. Specifically, they needed front end and back end specialists, as well as AI experts. Thankfully, there was no shortage of applicants. After extensive interviewing and screening, a team was put together that contained some of the brightest minds that had ever worked on a trading platform.

The team was divided up into departments. One department focuses solely on the development of the app, meaning the navigation, look, and feel. Another department took care of all the technical wizardry that went on behind the scenes. The maintenance of servers, the encryption systems, and the method in which we handled user information.

The last team had the single objective of creating the AI that Immediate Edge utilizes in its systems today.

Creating the App

All three teams began working simultaneously, but that doesn't mean that each project took the same amount of time.

The creation of the UI was done first, but by no means does that mean it was the simplest.

The planning stages that this team went through were incredibly rigorous. Every little aspect of the site was planned out on paper before anything was put into a computer. The colors, the navigation flow, and even the shapes of the menus were all discussed before any coding took place.

Eventually, though, we had a design that we liked. The team proved incredibly efficient at programming the plans that had already been laid out. It didn't take long for them to have a working prototype up and running.

While they were working on this, the back-end department was still busy working away on the technical side of things.

The AI team, on the other hand, was not having such a great time.

Creating the Immediate Edge AI

Creating even the simplest of AI is a mammoth undertaking. Creating an AI capable of reading and interpreting human actions is something that would drive most people to the literal brink of insanity.

While the other teams were busy making progress, this team was still discussing how actually to develop the AI.

It took a lot of brainstorming to settle on the idea of recognizing trading actions and the movements of producers, but that was only a fraction of the difficulty that was to come. Despite having some of the greatest AI developers on the planet, the team was fighting an uphill battle.

Every time they made progress of some sort, it seemed like something else seemingly unrelated would break. This was frustrating to the point of exhaustion, but they had no intentions of giving up.

Eventually, the programmers from the other two teams were brought in to help with the development of the AI. With the extra manpower on board, things began to move at a more rapid pace. It took months of 16-hour long pain-inducing days, but an alpha version of the algorithm was finally produced. It was clunky, it was rusty, but it worked.

The algorithm was integrated with the app, and the app was made functional on our servers. Once we made sure that everything was working together, then we started upgrading the systems. Moving the AI out of alpha proved to be an easier task than the initial development. It still took a ludicrous amount of work, but we did eventually have a version that we were happy to release.

Screen with Graphs
Tablet and Iphone

Where We Are Now

As you can tell, we did release that version of our app, and to massive applause, as well.

The reception that Immediate Edge got completely blew us away. It motivated us to keep working, and even as you're reading this, our team is upgrading the gears that make our trading algorithm work.

We're honored and privileged to have served as the first stepping stone for so many trader's journeys already, and we hope to do the same for you.